Bob's Fencing and Grape Feild Trellis Pole System

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All your fencing needs for horses, sheep, cattle, chickens, dogs, etc

Fencing only availabe for animals, livestock
and grape field trellis.
Grape Field PoleTrellis

Grape Field Trellis Pole System for vineyards with inside and outside hooks.

Suitable for all types of ground conditioning for strength and sloping land surfaces alike. The pole has a perfectly round form and is especially suitable for regions in which hand-picking is the preferred way of havesting.

The new poles of the artos C-series are individually galvanized vineyard poles made of steel with outside hooks. Galvanization of parts guarantees a long lifespan as well as high durability. The newly developed reinforced hooks are the great advantage of artos C poles. They make the work for the winegrower an easy matter and prevent the hooks from being knocked down by any mechanical force. The reinforced outside hooks are blanked at a slanted angle and subsequently straightened out. For more info, see our brochure.

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